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Named after the founder’s wife, “Jasmine,"

the name retells the love story of the founder and his wife and when they started the business together.

“Hello,” an everyday greeting to the customers,

and “Jasmine,” like jasmine green tea;

at “Hello Jasmine,” we anticipate customers visiting HJ as we deliver warm greetings. 

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Located in Chicago, the Windy City, 7,546 miles away from Taiwan, Hello Jasmine is home to a wide variety of authentic Taiwanese dishes and drinks.

After moving to Chicago, the founders are determined to create Taiwanese Bento, snacks and bubble tea that deliver the exact flavor they grew up loving. After countless attempts, they can finally present the most authentic Taiwanese flavor to people in Chicago, and for Taiwanese people experience a home away from home. 

Hello Jasmine is currently building up a team to get closer to achieving the dream. Originally located in a tiny bar that shared the space with a hotpot restaurant, Hello Jasmine has now opened its own store on S Clark Street near Chinatown. Although the company is growing, the mission of the brand will stay the same - we care about what our customers think and we will always deliver the highest standard of quality for every creation we make. 


To provide the most authentic, high-quality Taiwanese dishes and drinks, our team sources the ingredients responsibly and pays attention to details.

We pride ourselves on using “real” ingredients

- loose-leaf tea and brown sugar imported from Taiwan,

fresh fruits and the finest tapioca pearls.

The freshly brewed teas and slowly cooked bubbles

are made by own staff daily. 

We also proudly offer authentic Taiwanese bento and snacks.

Every recipe is perfected by the founders after countless tries.

We promise every dish is freshly made after the orders are received.

Hello Jasmine also serves Taiwanese grilled chicken steak, which is exclusively distributed in North America.

Different from common chicken steak,

ours is coated with special grilling sauce made from several kinds of Chinese herbal medicine that make it rich in flavor. 


Hello Jasmine stands out from its competitors by importing high-quality tea from Taiwan. Every kind of tea is cherry-picked by our team and can be presented as milk tea, fruit tea, and even the simplest pure tea without any sugar.

The amount of tea leaves and the temperature of the water are carefully measured to make the finest quality tea. Everything is strictly controlled before serving to our customers.

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