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Popcorn Chicken
Fried Chicken Steak
4PCs Fried Chicken
Corn Egg Drop Soup
Bonito Popcorn Chicken
Grilled Chicken Wings
Taiwan Style Fried Combo
Taiwanese Cold Noodle
Grilled Chicken Steak
Fried Chicken Wings
Fried Beef Dumpling
Chicken Steak Cold Noodle
Grilled Taiwanese Sausage
Grilled Tofu
Fried Sweet Corn
Scallion Cake w Egg Hot Dog
Fried Cuttle Fish Ball
Pig Blood Rice Cake
Fried Green Bean
Grilled Tofu w Kimchi
Fried Fish Tofu
Fried Mini Sausage
Scallion Pan Cake w Egg
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